The All New Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro Wireless

The all new Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro’s mission statement is to “win without wires,” and it succeeds. The Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro isn’t just an excellent wireless mouse for gaming, it’s one of the best gaming mice, full stop.

While other gaming mice out there, wireless or otherwise, have you fumbling about in your game, the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro certainly earned its “Pro” moniker, despite a couple of limitations that have reared their ugly heads during our testing.

The Dark Core RGB Pro is impeccable fast, accurate and extremely responsive. Design wise, it’s practically a dream with that dynamic and customizable RGB lighting, eight fully programmable buttons and a textured rubber palm rest.

The all new Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro will get you through the most intense fights you can imagine, and will look and feel good doing it. Even though a couple of foibles namely its stiff charging cable that makes wired gaming more difficult and its obtuse customization software may hold it back from becoming a perfect gaming peripheral, they won’t really affect your overall gaming experience.

The best part is that while other wireless gaming mice of its caliber may cost you a pretty penny, this one has a mid-range price tag, making it pretty darn affordable for everyone.

Nearly impeccable performance and blazing fast speeds await you with the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro. It delivers such power you’ll actually forget that you’re using a wireless mouse. There was no discernable latency, thanks to its sub-1ms speed, during our tests. And with 18,000 DPI and up to a 2,000Hz hyper polling rate, it gives you a massive advantage in gaming, whether or not you’re doing it competitively. The fact that it’s got extra sliding pads on the bottom for extra smooth performance makes it even more game-worthy, even when you’re not using a mouse pad and working with a slightly bumpy desk.

We decided to test this mouse on a number of AAA games: Doom Eternal, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, A Plague Tale: Innocence, and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. And its performance is so good, it actually feels like an extension of our hand.

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